A Guide to the Church / Pastor Relationship

In 2008 the Minister’s Program solicited content from pastors and laymen for a publication designed to provide perspective on the church/pastor relationship. This guide was published in 2009 and was distributed at the Convention and then mailed to each church.

The relationship between a congregation and her pastor is critical to the ministry and the success of the local church. It is only by working effectively together that the church is able to meet its calling and carry out the teachings of the “Great Commission.”

It is the goal of this publication to foster good communication between the pastor and the congregation by providing a starting point for understanding and addressing important issues that often arise. It is our hope that this publication will be used by ministers and laypeople as they address the issues that routinely confront the local church. The value of this guide will be in providing the reader with a perspective on an issue that may help resolve a potential problem. This publication is intended to be a guide and should not be used in setting policy, rules, or for governance.

Since the churches ministry and the pastors prospects are dependent on the decisions made at the local level the future for both depends in large part on the relationship that exists between the pastor and the pew. 

It is to our churches, pastors and Original Free Will Baptists throughout the Convention that we dedicate this book and hope that it will prove valuable as we make our way through this spiritual journey which God has called each of us.

The Guide provides useful information regarding:

Pastor Search

Compensation and Performance Review        

Parsonage and Housing

The Role of the Pastor and Member   

The Quarterly Conference (Business Meeting)

Ethical Behavior in the Church 

Dealing with Conflict in the Local Church

Copies of this guide are available at the Free Will Baptist Press or from the Minister’s Program.