Minister's Widows Fund/Surviving Minister's Fund

What is the Minister’s Widows Fund and the Surviving Minister’s Fund?

The Minister’s Widows Fund and the Surviving Minister’s Fund are voluntary programs designed to assist ministers and their spouses upon the death of their spouse. Few things in life are more devastating than the death of a spouse. Ministers have seen the effect this has on church and community members and they are called upon to stand by those who have suffered loss providing them counsel and comfort in their time of grief.

Ministers are not immune to this loss and their death not only touches their family and church but it also affects other pastors whom they have known through the years. While time and distance may keep them from attending those within this community of faith want to do something to help, something that is real and tangible.

How does the program work?
It is an enrollment program that is open to all ordained ministers who are married and in good standing with their conference or association. It requires a simple enrollment which can be completed by filling out a card (available in the forms section of this site) and mailing it to the Minister’s Program along with a check in the amount of $15.

If this is your first enrollment benefits are limited to 1/2 of the fund for the first year and if you do not enroll within 90 days of the notice you are considered a new participant subject to the limited benefits.

Upon the death of a participating minister the proceeds of this fund are forwarded immediately upon notification to the spouse of the deceased minister.

The Surviving Minister’s Fund works exactly like the Minister’s Widows Fund except benefits are paid if the spouse of a participating minister dies.

Every qualified married minister can and should be a part of these funds. It is not only a financial blessing to the recipient, but the fund is a tangible way that you can help in a time of great need.

If you want to begin your enrollment now an enrollment card is located on the forms page of this website.