Other Considerations

In addition to the Minister's regular compensation,
there are other matters that the church should
consider. They are as follows:

Two weeks with one additional week for each
5 years of experience is suggested. The church
should budget for the supply speaker.

Christmas Gift
The church should consider a minimum of one week’s salary as an added bonus during the Christmas season.

Sick Leave/Disability
You should agree in writing what the policy of the
church will be in the event of sickness or disability.
This is especially true in the event that the pastor
lives in the parsonage. How long will the parsonage
be available and compensation continue? In the event
of a total disability the church should continue the pastor’s salary for a minimum of ninety days and
up to one hundred and eighty days if possible.

Supply Speakers
When someone is called to fill a pulpit for a service,
the church should consider a minimum of $150 per service and mileage at the IRS rate for a round trip
from his home. The current mileage rate for 2010
is 50 cents per mile.
Death Benefits
What does a church do when their pastor dies? This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it presents some very difficult choices for the church, especially if
a parsonage is involved. These decisions are much
easier when the church has considered this possibility beforehand. While the church has lost their pastor, it
is important to consider that the widow has lost her husband, his salary, and in the case of a parsonage,
her home. The Minister’s Program recommends that
the church continue to pay the widow 70% of the
pastor’s salary for a period of 90 days and that she
be granted the right of occupying the parsonage for
that period of time.

Interim Pastors

If this individual is expected to provide all the pastoral services expected of a regular pastor, then you should
use the Church’s Guide to Basic Compensation.

The recommended amount is $150 per service with
an allowance for mileage and meals if travel will be
during meal time. Overnight accommodations, if
needed, should be at an acceptable motel at
the expense of the church.