Meeting Needs

Meeting needs is what the Minister’s Program is all about. This program was brought into existence to help prepare the minister for the financial eventualities of life. To do this, we try to help educate the church and the minister about the unique needs of the pastorate. Our goal is not to provide for the minister, that is the church’s responsibility, but to help the church and the minister plan together so that at all stages of life the minister can serve without the burden of financial concerns holding him back. The Minister’s Program is an extension of the local church administering programs that the church could not provide on their own. We stand ready to work with the minister and the church to help them accomplish the goal of working together in a lifetime of financial planning. Ministers step out in faith to answer God’s call. That faith is based on the belief that God will prepare them and provide for them. We believe that God channels His provisions through the church and it is required of them to be good stewards as it relates to their care of the pastor. This does not apply exclusively to matters of compensation, but also to support, appreciation, and willingness on the part of the church to be lead. Please consider areas that the Minister’s Program can work with you to help build a strong working relationship with your pastor.